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Cable Boards

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A guide to buying a cable board

Buywake strives to advise you about the most current guides, sizing help and gear tips in order to help you choose the right cable board and have the best experience using it. There is a lot of information out there and it can be hard to know which cable board is the right fit for you. Our cable board buying guide teaches you about types, models and features and how they support your riding style and ability. There is a cable board for everyone and we hope this guide helps you find the right one. We sell cable- and wakeboards from well-known brands, such as Connelly, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Slingshot and Ronix.

What is wakeboarding with a cable board?

Wakeboarding is an evolution of waterskiing - instead of two water skis, you are riding a board across the water, being towed by a boat or behind a cable in a cable park. As a beginner, you can wakeboard on any stretch of water as long as it is suitable for a boat or cable. Wakeboarding is usually done on lakes or in the sea. You have a sideways stance on a wakeboard, it looks a little like snowboarding on the water. Wakeboarding is popular because it is great fun, sociable and a relatively easy watersport to pick up - once you are up and riding you can quickly learn new tricks. There are two types of wakeboarding:

  • Boat wakeboarding

You are being towed behind a boat going around 22 mph. You are usually the only one riding behind the boat, but you can ride with a friend when you have practiced a little. The idea is that you use the boat’s wake for tricks. If you fall off the boat will usually loop around and pick you up. Wakeboard schools are all over the place and are usually based on a lake with a wakeboard boat. Sets can be around 30 minutes and cost around $30. Alternatively, you can always wakeboard on a friend’s boat, if someone has a board and a rope.

  • Cable wakeboarding

The wakeboarding is the same but the method of being pulled along is different. There is an overhead cable that goes around the lake, instead of being pulled by a boat. This means that there is no wake that you can use to learn tricks. There are a few riders on the cable at once, a number of handles with space between each person. You swim to the edge of the lake when you fall off, walk back to the launching dock and start again. Cable parks often have obstacles, such as kickers and sliders, to be able to perform tricks without a wake.

The different type of boards

Previously only boat wakeboarding existed. The emergence of cable parks around the world has led board manufacturers to design and produce wakeboards for boat and cable riding. A cable and park board is generally more flexible and they have rails to ensure that they do not catch as easily on features at the cable park. Boat boards are usually stiffer and they feature sharper rails for faster edging into the wake. We also sell hybrid boards that are suitable for boat and cable wakeboarding. Read more about the features of each type:

  • Boat wakeboards

If you ride behind a boat, you need a board that provides sufficient ‘pop’ off the wake. These wakeboards have sharper edges that allow them to approach the wake with more momentum and speed. We sell boards suited for women, that offer a softer flex in the board. Additionally, we also sell boards for kids that help the little rippers to enjoy the first steps into this sport to the max. Our boat wakeboards are:

  • Available for all kinds of riders;
  • Available in various price ranges;
  • Specifically designed for a boat, to ensure the best experience possible;
  • Build with a foam core;
  • Often offered in interesting package deals.


  • Cable wakeboards

Cable parks are popping up every day and the popularity of cable riding is growing. Do you ride at a cable park only? You will need a cable board with a softer flex, forgiving rails and a durable base and core. We recommend sizing up a bit if you only ride cable because the pull is slower than riding behind a boat. Most of the cable boards offer a natural flex because of the wooden core. Wood also makes the boards strong and durable. We also offer a cable board for kids and in a specific design for women. Our cable boards are:

  • Available for all types of riders;
  • Available in price levels that suit your situation;
  • Specifically designed for use with a cable;
  • Build with a wooden core;
  • Often available in interestingly prized package deals.


  • Hybrid wakeboards

Cable riding is getting bigger, but the experience is different behind a boat, which is why most riders split their time hanging behind a cable or a boat. Various brands designed boards that thrive in both environments, which means that there is no need to get a cable board and a boat board. Specifically designed hybrid boards are available for kids and women. The hybrid boards are:

  • Available for riders with a different level of experience;
  • Available in various price ranges;
  • Specifically designed for use in both environments;
  • Mostly build with a wooden core;
  • Often offered in package deals.

The different types of wakeboard rockers

The rocker is the curve in the board between the tip and tail of the board. Picking a rocker can be difficult if you have not done it before, so we will try to simplify the choices you have. A three-stage rocker had three curved sections with a flat spot at the bottom and a continuous rocker gas a smoother, continuous curve. We offer the following rockers:

  • Continuous rocker wakeboards

A continuous rocker has one fluid, curved shape. Wakeboards with a continuous rocker provide a fast, smooth ride and allow you to link together turns more easily. You can generate a lot of speed on a continuous rocker wakeboard. Speed and a very predictable pop (height) when you hit the wake will shoot you further into the flats. Continuous rocker wakeboards are great for carving, especially on those flat, glassy mornings.

  • Three-Stage rocker wakeboard

A wakeboard with a three-stage rocker features three distinct planes on the bottom of the board. A three-stage rocker causes your wakeboard to respond with more pop when you hit the wake. However, more rocker is not necessarily better in every circumstance. A dramatic rocker causes a wakeboard to have a looser or slippery feel on the water. Additionally, the shape causes the board to plow through the water, making it slower. Your fins become less effective and you must rely on edging the board. Boards with a three-stage rocker have a flatter center spot which makes the impact of landings more intense and it gives a slightly sluggish feel after landing.

  • Hybrid rocker wakeboards

Hybrid three-stage, abrupt continuous, blended three-stage and hybrid rocker are all names given to rocker profiles between a continuous and a three-stage rocker. Each brand and board offers a different combination.

The different types of cable board levels

We sell a cable board for all users, ranging from boards for beginners to boards for the experienced rider. The advanced boards will have a higher performance level, but this extra performance is only available in the right hands. It relies on correct balance, weight distribution and attack angle. The advanced wakeboards tend to be harder to control and will feel twitchy. You will find an easier and smoother ride in the intermediate category, this will be more forgiving and lets you progress faster. Boards for beginners are the easiest to ride and will build your confidence so you can concentrate on getting the basics sorted before you move on to a more advanced board. We sell the following boards:

  • Beginner/intermediate boards

If you have never ridden before, ride occasionally or are just beginning to cross the wake, check out beginner/intermediate wakeboards. In general, these boards have continuous or mellow three-stage rockers and tend to be priced for recreational riders.

  • Intermediate/advanced boards

If you are crossing the wake in both directions and clearing the wake, take a look at our intermediate/advanced boards. There is a ton of variety in this category, so make sure you read up on the features below to understand which features compliment your riding style before you decide to buy a board.

  • Advanced/expert boards

If you know how to spin, attempt new tricks, stomp inverts or wakeboard while juggling horseshoes you probably want to look at our advanced/expert boards. In general, these boards have aggressive continuous or three-stage rockers and are less forgiving. Advanced/expert boards are often models for pros.

The different sizes of boards

Most boards are available in different sizes. Unlike most board sports, your weight determines the size of the board, because your weight determines how deep the board sits in the water. Remember that each board is different and has a unique size chart for that specific board. Check the size chart on the product page of the wakeboard you are looking at for more accurate sizing. Size plays an important role when determining how you want your board to ride. A longer board is more forgiving, creates less drag on your body and gives you more pop off the wake. A shorter board sits deeper in the water, is more aggressive and is less forgiving. However, it is easier to spin and control. Are you buying a single board for multiple riders? We advise you to go with the board in the size range of the largest rider. Base your decision on the following reasons:

  • Reasons to choose a shorter board

The feeling of a shorter cable board depends on the board’s shape, but shorter boards are generally slower and take more energy to push through the water. The more surface area on the water, the faster it will move. However, a shorter board is easier to spin and maneuver in the air. The decreased surface area makes landings harder and the nose may tend to dig in, which causes your nose and the rest of your face to dig into the water too.

  • Reasons to choose a longer board

Longer wakeboards are typically easier to ride. Longer wakeboards are heavier which means that you gain control. Therefore, longer boards are great for learning tricks and the basics. A longer board has more surface area, so it will sit on top of the water nicely, move quickly and allow softer landings.

The board boots mounting screws

All binding screws share the universal M6 thread since 2003, but not all brands use the same length screws. Be sure that the screw is the correct length when mounting a wakeboard boot without the factory screws. We do not suggest mounting your bindings without the factory screws, but it can be done. Using a screw that is too long can result in a loose connection between your wakeboard and boots and damage your board and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

The compatibility between the boot and the board

Almost all modern wakeboards use the M6 mounting hardware and 6" binding plates. The only exception are Liquid Force 4D-bindings. These bindings are only compatible with boards equipped with a Flextrack, like many modern Liquid Force boards. Liquid Force boards with Flextrack mounting are compatible with all bindings.

The maintenance of your board

We suggest the following to ensure you cable board serves you for a long period of time:

  • Keep your board out of the sun for long periods of time;
  • Always rinse your gear with fresh water after use in salt water;
  • Protect your board with a bag for storage and transportation;
  • Store your gear in a cool, dry location.

Feel free to contact us

Would you like to receive additional information? Please get in touch with us by calling +31 682 940 930 or send an email to [email protected]. We are happy to provide you with advice, to ensure you buy a cable board that suits your needs.