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Wake Towers - Turboswing

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Wakeboard Tower Buying Guide

Buywake strives to bring you the best and most current guides, sizing help and gear tips to help you choose the right products and have the absolute best experience using it.

Whether you’re tricking out your new boat or looking to upgrade an older model, wakeboard towers can add function, style, and hours of fun to your watercraft. With so many options on the market, though, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

We sell wakeboards towers and corresponding accessories from well known brands as Monster Tower and Roswell.

How to choose the right Wakeboard Tower for your boat

First, understand what you want to get out of the equipment. Whether you’re a competitive wakeboarder or a weekend warrior, towers are more than just a secure point to attach a tow line.

Wakeboard towers, sometimes referred to as ski towers, can add function and style to your boat, regardless of its age or type.

  • Measure your boat’s beam

When selecting a wakeboard tower, it’s critical to have accurate measurements of your boat’s beam width and to choose a tower suited to your type of boat. Measuring your beam width is simple.

  • Recruit a friend or family member to help and grab a tape measure
  • At the widest point of your boat, measure from the outer edge of the hull to the outer edge of the other side
  • Keep the measuring tape taut and flat, avoiding laying it over any obstructions
  • Record your beam width and keep it handy when shopping for towers.

While many aftermarket wakeboard towers are adjustable, you’ll need to ensure that your beam width falls within their minimum and maximum widths. Otherwise, you could end up ordering a tower that doesn’t fit. If you can’t find a friend to help you measure your boat, check out the boats specifications online and browse to your boat's year, make and model.

Also important to your selection process is choosing a tower model that will suit your boat. For example, pontoon boat owners should be aware that they’ll need a tower specifically designed for pontoon or party boats, as many towers will be the wrong size and won’t mount to the pontoon hull.

  • Determine if shade is important

As any boater knows, shade can make the difference between a great day on the water and a nasty sunburn. If you’re looking to add shade to your boat, ensure that the wakeboard tower you choose has an option to add a bimini. Most wakeboard towers have bimini options and special packages that can bring added savings. Pick a bimini made with high-quality, marine-rated material, like Sunbrella.

If your boat already has a bimini, make sure to keep it in mind when selecting the tower.

Some styles of wakeboard tower will not work with existing biminis, so be sure to reach out to us before making a purchase. We will be able to advise you on a solution that will fit both your boat and existing bimini.

  • Evaluate speaker options

Adding a wakeboard tower to your boat adds more than just the ability to tow a wakeboarder, kneeboarder or waterskier. Wakeboard towers also let you amp up the fun and sound with music. Unlike the speakers that came with your boat or that you’ve added on, wakeboard tower speakers are directional, large, waterproof and offer clean and easy installation via the hollow tubing of your tower. Plus, their overhead mounting maximizes the space on the deck and ensures that your entire crew – including anyone in the water – can enjoy your music.

While you can install most wakeboard tower speakers onto an existing tower, most people find it simplest to install everything at once.

Wiring your speakers through your tower tubing is easy, provides a clean, integrated look and is simple to do when you’re installing your tower.

Wakeboard tower speakers can vary in quality, sound output, appearance and can even include LED lighting, so explore your options first. Choose speakers that are marine-rated for durability and that are made by a reputable speaker manufacturer like Roswell, Monster Tower, , Polk Audio, Kicker or Wetsounds.

  • Decide on Wakeboard Tower accessories

Space on your boat can be limited, especially when you’re taking a large crew out for the day. You may want to add racks to your new wakeboard tower to save space and keep your wakeboard, kneeboard, wakesurf board, and skis out of the way.

Choose your racks to match your watersport and your tower. Many racks will only work with a specific type or style of wakeboard tower, so be sure to check your rack against your tower.

While your racks don’t have to match the finish of your tower, they often look better when they do. Most racks are also available with “fixed” or “rotating” capabilities so that you can easily “swing” your boards into the boat for easier access when it’s time to ride. Most importantly, though, make sure you’re choosing a rack that will fit your gear. Most racks are built to suit a specific type of equipment, so make sure you know how many of each kind of board you’ll want to stow.

  • Decide on other safety accessories

Whenever you’re on the water, you should always be focused on safety for you, your passengers and fellow boats. A wakeboard tower is ideal for adding additional safety features to your boat.

Tower Mirrors are always a must if you’re going to be pulling anyone behind your boat. Most tower manufacturers also offer mirrors that can be attached to your tower. If this is not possible cause of the model and placing of the wakeboard tower, we can offer you a windshield mirror.

If you have any questions about finding the right wakeboard tower for your boat, you can contact us. We’ll be happy to answer your questions or talk you through installation requirements.

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