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Boots - Ronix - Hyperlite

Boots - Ronix - Hyperlite

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We have wakeboard bindings and boots for sale and we want to help you choose the right products, so you will have the best experience using them. The wakeboard boots and bindings we have for sale are a key part of the wakeboard setup. The boots and bindings are mounted with screws, enabling you to stay locked in and hit a wake or obstacles. We sell wakeboard boots and binding from well-known brands, such as Connelly, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Slingshot and Ronix. It might be difficult to select the right fit for you, Buywake is here to help!

What is wakeboarding and why are the wakeboard bindings and boots we have for sale needed?

Wakeboarding is an evolution of waterskiing - instead of two skis, you are riding a board across the water, being towed by a boat or behind a cable in a cable park. As a beginner, you can wakeboard on any stretch of water as long as it is suitable for a boat or cable. The wakeboard bindings and boots we have for sale enable you to have a sideways stance on a wakeboard, it looks like snowboarding on the water. Wakeboarding is popular because it is great fun, sociable and it is relatively easy to learn. There are two types of wakeboarding:

  • Boat wakeboarding

You are being towed behind a boat with a wake, at around 22 mph. You are usually the only one riding behind the boat, but you can ride with a friend when you practiced a little. You use the boat’s wake for tricks. Wakeboard schools are usually based on a lake with a wakeboard boat. Sets can be around 30 minutes and cost around $30. Alternatively, you can wakeboard on a friend’s boat, all you need is a board and a rope.

  • Cable wakeboarding

This is essentially the same as boat wakeboarding, but the method of being pulled along is different. You are pulled around by an overhead cable that goes around the lake. There is no wake, but cable parks usually have obstacles, like kickers and sliders, to allow you to perform tricks. There are a few riders on the cable at once, with space between each person. You swim to the edge of the lake, walk back to the launching dock and start again when you fall off.

The different types of wakeboard boots and bindings we have for sale

Wakeboard boots have many features you want to consider before buying a new boot. Your own set of boots is always the best fit, even when you share a wakeboard. Boots are easily swapped on the boat between rides if this is the case. Three types of wakeboard boots exist:

  • System wakeboard boots and bindings

A system wakeboard set-up is similar to a snowboard set-up, it consists of two main parts, namely the boot and the binding. A system set-up creates the ultimate connection with your wakeboard, resulting in unmatched control and a feel like no other. Only Hyperlite creates these boots and bindings. The boot stays on your foot when you detach from the binding, which stays on your board. Intermediate to advanced boarders usually prefer this, because they can engage the upper leg into turns and edging. These system boots tend to be stiffer around the lower part of the binding, which gives you more cushioning and an impact-friendly feel. These wakeboard boots and bindings we have for sale are useful at a cable park, as walking back to the dock is way easier. System boots and bindings are:

  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced riders;
  • Comfortably fitted;
  • Easy to control while edging.
  • Perfect for walking back to the dock on uneven surfaces;
  • Ideal for both boat and cable park riding.


  • Open toe wakeboard boots

An open toe wakeboard boot is a wakeboard boot that provides breathing room for your toes. This type of wakeboard boot is perfect for a family wakeboard, due to the boot being able to hold a variety of feet sizes. An open toe wakeboard boot is ideal if you have kids who are still growing, however, it is a softer boot so it will lack in performance and response. An open toe wakeboard boot is:

  • Perfect for the beginner to intermediate rider;
  • For people that share their board;
  • A softer boot, so it does not offer the best support and response;
  • Available for a great price.
  • Suitable for boat and cable park riding.


  • Closed toe wakeboard boots

These high-end boots often offer a small size range or just fit one size, to ensure you get the optimal performance out of the snug fit. Some models of closed toe wakeboard boots have a walkable liner. A walkable liner makes it much easier to walk back to the dock over uneven surfaces at your favorite cable park. Closed toe wakeboard boots improve the responsiveness and feel of your favorite setup, due to the fact that you are locked in the boot. The set-up is much better as these boots offer a better response and feel. Some brands like Ronix, Slingshot or Hyperlite offer moldable liners in some of their models to ensure the perfect fit. Closed toe wakeboard boots are:

  • Perfect for the intermediate to advanced rider;
  • For people who only use their boots themselves;
  • Fitted, to ensure maximum support and response;
  • Comfortably fitted;
  • For boat and cable park riding.

The different types of fit

A wakeboard boot should always have a tight, firm fit. You need a solid connection to control your board, so your boots should hold your feet snugly into the heel, while the laces are tightened firmly over the toes. Your toes should touch the end of the boot slightly for the correct fit. Closed toe boot sizes are the same as conventional shoe sizes, while open toe boots offer different size ranges. Another consideration is the ankle flex. Open toe boots usually have a lot of flex in the ankle, so you get a forgiving ride. However, closed toe boots come in different patterns to support different styles of riding. A flexible ankle gives you a freeride feel on the water and allows you to easily tweak out grabs in the air. A stiff ankle offers more support to give you more response and control, but they are rigid so it is harder to tweak out grabs and your board is less forgiving.

The different types of closure on wakeboard boots

Wakeboard boots often use a combination of different systems, so you can create the perfect fit for your feet and riding style. The options range from classic laces to Boa® straps, velcro straps, Slingshot gummy straps or Ronix super straps. Often, the outer shell of the boots has straps, and laces secure the inner liner.

  • Wakeboard boots laces

Laces are the most common fastening system on wakeboard boots. They are typically a stiff nylon lace, with a lace lock around the ankle. Dual lace zones with a lock at the ankle and on the toes offer the best fit and easiest access. Velcro is also a commonly used fastening system, that allows an even easier entry and exit, but lacks the firm tightening that laces provide.

  • Wakeboard boots velcro/gummy/super straps

These are also commonly used in boots. Velcro, gummy and super straps have gotten very popular in recent years due to their ability to quickly and securely customize the tightness of your fit. Additionally, you have no laces to tie.

The stance of wakeboard boots

The best stance on a wakeboard is the ‘duck feet’-stance. Your feet stand slightly wider than your shoulders and you squat. Your toes are pointed out slightly, to improve your balance. This stance offers the firmest feel and control of your board, provides the most balance and helps you avoid injury. The ‘duck feet’-stance should be symmetrical in boot angle and stance width, to provide you with balance and consistency when switching. A good starting angle is around 10-12 degrees with your feet just wider than the width of your shoulders. A narrow stance enables you to spin and flip quicker, but you will lose balance and movement in your knees. A tall rider might need a wider stance than a short rider, but what feels comfortable for you ultimately determines your stance.

The mounting screws for wakeboard boots

All of the wakeboard bindings and boots we have for sale require screws with a universal M6 thread, but not all wakeboard companies use the same length screws. Be sure to use the correct length screws when mounting a wakeboard without the factory screws. We do not suggest mounting your wakeboard bindings without the factory screws, but it can be done. Using a screw that is too long results in a loose connection between your wakeboard and boots and damages your board.

The boot and board compatibility

Almost all modern wakeboards use standard M6-mounting hardware and 6" binding. The only exception are Liquid Force 4D-bindings. These bindings are only compatible with boards equipped with a Flextrack. Liquid Force wakeboards with Flextrack are compatible with all bindings.

Feel free to contact us

Would you like to know more about the wakeboard bindings and boots we have for sale? We are happy to provide you with additional information when you get in touch with us. You will reach one of our capable employees when you call calling +31 682 940 930 or when you send an email to [email protected].