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We @ Buywake Europe have one of the largest selections of wake gear on the web, a super knowledgeable staff and expert guides to help you make an informed decision.

The devices used to connect your feet to your wakeboard are referred to as wakeboard boots or wakeboard bindings. For simplicity's sake, we have used these two terms interchangeably throughout this guide.

The most important factors when determining which wakeboard bindings are right for you are listed below. Wakeboard boots vary siginifcantly in flex, their closure systems, the way they fit and the systems by which they attach to your wakeboard. Read on!


► Flex is one of the most important factors in deciding which wake boot is right for you.

► The flex of wakeboard boots can vary dramatically between models from stiff to very flexible. The flex of your boots is personal preference. Some riders like to feel locked into stiff boots with a lot of ankle support while other riders like a softer flex which gives them the ability to tweak their wakeboard in different directions during tricks.

► Similar to snowboard boots, the stiffer your wake boot, the better it is for carving and speed. The softer it is, the more maneuverability you will have for tricks. Check out the 1-5 Stiffness Scale (1=soft, 5=stiff) on product details pages when available.

► Most often beginner bindings are more flexible (softer) than bindings geared towards advanced riders.


► Controlling your wakeboard with loose fitting boots is like trying to type with mittens on. Your wakeboard boots should be snug but not so tight that they are painful. Most boots are designed to fit a range of shoe sizes, while some higher end boots are single sizes. Many wakeboard boots now feature heat moldable liners that significantly improve fit, reducing the need for boot lubricant that helps you get into a snug binding that fits correctly. Listen to your feet and refer to size charts whenever possible!


► Wakeboard boots have many features you will want to consider when choosing a new boot. For the best fit, many riders choose to have their own set of boots even if they share a wakeboard. Remember, boots may easily be swapped out on the boat between rides if this is the case.


► This gives your toes some breathing room. A big benefit of open-toe boots is that you may be able to squeeze a few more shoe sizes into an open-toe boot than you can into a closed-toe boot. Open toe boots are a good option if you are purchasing just a single board for your boat, or if you have kids who are still growing.


► Closed-toe wakeboard boots offer a more precise fit, which allows for more control, increased leverage and quick heel to toe responses. Closed-toe can also keep feet warmer, which is a big plus during shoulder seasons in places like the Northwest. Finally, they are usually higher end models and can be more expensive than their open-toe counterparts.


► System bindings take a nod from snowboard bindings. Utilizing a highback frame with ratchet straps across the ankle and toes, System bindings take a specifically designed boot (no, you can't use your snowboard boots), and allow riders to further customize fit and engage the entire leg — rather than just heels and toes.


► Wakeboard bindings often use a combination of different closure systems so you can dial in the perfect fit, from tried and true laces to Boa® and Velcro.


► These are a common, simple, and efficient system.


► Boa® is designed for speed and strength, incorporating aircraft grade stainless steel laces with a dial ratchet closure. No laces to tie! Boa® can also be found on products such as cycling shoes and snowboard boots.


► These are another common system found on wake boots. And once again, no laces to tie!


► Hinges allow for easier entry and exit from your wakeboard boot. The hinge on the heel of the boot allows you to open the boot with the flip of a lever rather than struggling through the narrow opening at the ankle. No water, no lube needed.