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Slalom waterskis

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Information when purchasing a waterski

When buying a waterski a number of factors are important to keep in mind. Below there is an explanation of the most important features of a waterski.

What is the difference between combo ski and slalom skis?

The difference between these two water skis is actually very simple. The name combo ski actually says it all, a combo ski consists of two skis. Often a combo ski still gives you the option to go monoskiing. Most of the times people start with combo skis and then switch to slalom skis. A slalom ski (also called mono ski) consists of one single ski, which you stand on with both feet. With a slalom ski you sail a lot harder than with combo water skis, because of this you can go very flat through the turn and create enormous sprays in your turns.

What size of waterski do I need?

Water skiing is easy to learn. But it is important to learn water skiing on combo skis with the correct length. If your skis are too long, it will be difficult to keep your skis nice and straight on the water and you will notice that your skis will follow their own path. However, if you have bought skis that are too small you will notice that it is very difficult to be pulled out of the water. There is also much more strength on the arms during water skiing and you will not be able to hold on for long sessions, the boat must also sail much faster than with water skis with the correct length. All water skis are indicated with a size chart so you can always check which length is best for you. If you are not sure which size suites you best feel free to contact one of our experts.

Which slalom ski bindings suits me?

When you are going to buy a new water ski binding you must remember to what extent you have experience in waterskiing. If you are an experienced water skier, you often look for a stiff binding that offers you a lot of support. You will find that stiffness and support in the closed bindings, which are the stiffest and most comfortable bindings for slalom waterskiing. If you are a little less experienced, you will have opted for an open toe binding, which means that your shoe is open at the front, these ties are a little less stiff and comfortable than the closed ties. However, there is also a comfortable footbed in these bindings and it also offers enough support to enjoy waterskiing. Another advantage for an open bond is that you are not completely tied to size. Often there is a range of 2 to 3 sizes difference in the binding that means that if you have shoe size 40 and a friend has size 42 then you can still use the same binding.